Aditya Goyal

When we open our eyes, we witness various colours of nature which we see because light falls on it. A thing we all know but little do we understand its depth. While human life mostly revolves around visible light in modern science optics has generalized to study of all types of electromagnetic radiation. The advancement in this field has led to many astonishing creations which look like dream turned real.

We are able to witness all these marvelous things around due to the power of Vision which we have because of the most sensitive organ of the human body that is the eye. Only surpassed in its complexity by brain eyes enable us to see different aspects of everything and remember them more vividly.

In 1960 when laser was discovered nobody could have imagined that it will revolutionize the optics by its versatile applications. This coherent source of light has multi-dimensional applications that enable it to be used from the printing industry to surgery of the human eye.

In modern times the applications of optics have become so common that it has propagated to our day to day life at its core. From thermal scanners used in recent times to monitor symptoms of COVID-19 to enabling us to see the objects light-years away from where we are the innovations in optics have enabled its applications to be used so frequently that most of us don’t even recognize it.

With the advancements in the field of science, the security has also become a challenging prospect of concern. Optics has enabled it to go to the next level with holograms in our currency to retinal scanners this new prospect has still a lot of potential for upcoming researchers.

The advancement in wireless communication has transferred the most powerful tool of modern times- the internet easily available to almost everyone. Who would have thought that one day everyone will have a camera in their hand or about optical fiber which have made high-speed internet so easily available.

While optics has advanced a lot it still faces many challenges and we can all see that the world is going to change a lot it will be really exciting what future of optics holds for us.

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