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The best gift to humanity is the ability to see, to allow us to gaze upon the wonders of the world we live in. To look into heaven and beyond where innumerable stars are born and equally innumerable of them die, some in a spectacular explosion lighting up the night sky with beautiful colours and spectacular light. This light then travels for billions of light years transcending space and time to finally reach our eyes to be a small part of the brilliant night sky that has fascinated humanity right from it’s beginning.

This is what probably comes to most people when they think of the importance of light - allowing us to get a small peek into the cosmos we live in. And yet they often overlook how much of a part light plays in our lives, it has become the fabric of the information age. It connects billions of us, and I mean that literally, connecting us through fibre-optical wires, radiowaves and microwaves.

The appliances that use it are omnipresent, from the smart-phone that has become our extension to the remote controls, smart detectors, and so on.

And that is what we are celebrating, a day to look and appreciate how far we have been able to tap the power of light. Here I would like to share something personal, when I was a kid my mom used to tell me that we appreciate something more when we lose it. It is something that has always stuck with me because it's such an interesting and thought provoking experiment. So let's try to imagine a world without light, and to prevent everything from being black and void, lets exclude the light that allows us to see. Just so that we can understand how significant its applications are to our life in the 21st century.

You wake up one morning to the alarm, and brush your teeth like usual, but unusually your phone might not have any notifications to display. It might be a bit weird but nothing too surprising. After freshening up you might finally realise that you have no internet. A bit frustrated you’ll try to call your ISP, but looks like your phone network is also down. More annoyed you’ll try to switch on the television but here too you will also be met with no signal. You slowly start to realise how dire the situation will be. There is radio silence from everywhere because every type of communication just went down. Even essential services like banking, finance, defence, research, etc are unavailable.

It seems unfathomable that such a day will ever come, but it shows us how much significance mere light plays in everyday life. And that’s what celebrating light day is about, to understand and appreciate what we have. With that note,I hope you have a great day thinking about light or even gazing at the night sky(because that is fascinating too),and I wish you all a Happy Light Day!!

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SPIE Student Chapter ANDC is the affiliated student groups with the international society SPIE established for studying optics and photonics at University of Delhi, Acharya Narendra Dev College. 







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