Anurag Saxena

Ever since we hear a term like Optics first thing that came to our mind is lenses and that’s where the optics began in ancient Egypt with the development of lenses. It was also the beginning of the advancement of understanding about properties and theories developed by ancient Greek philosophers like Plato, Aristotle, and Euclid who summarized the mathematical framework and fundamental knowledge of optics as reflection, diffusion, and vision. From that point journey of Optics begins in human history.

Optics plays a very critical role in the visualization of the world to humans. Nature gave humans very beautiful and sensitive but very useful sense, our eyes on which we trust the most. We collect data by converging light from the real world which includes optics and according to collected data we make our decisions. Optical lenses of appropriate dioptre can be used to easily redress the problem of Myopia and Hypermetropia which is a common problem nowadays.

Optics is around us every time, it plays a vital role in our everyday life directly or indirectly. Optics makes our life convenient. We use electronic devices to ease our life and most of them use optical properties to perform certain tasks. One such application is smartphones. There are many sensors which use optical properties to ease our tasks like camera which works purely on the optics and focusing. Some camera uses microlens, wide-angle lens, long-focus lens, telephoto lens which works on optical principles. In-display fingerprint sensor and ambient light sensor also uses optical principles to operate. VR is a technology which is providing virtual 3D experience at home. Everyone uses mirrors at least once in a day. Rare view mirrors (concave mirrors) are used in vehicles. Road markers are used on roads for safety purposes.

Because of the very fast speed of light, such high-speed internet connectivity is possible via optical wires which connect a net of computers for information sharing. We have been using telescopes for a very long time at present we are using such hi-tech telescopes to identify the events of the universe which could be dangerous for human beings. Laser energy transmission technology is in progress which will be revolutionary. Even in this pandemic situation, many devices are using optics as their base principle like Ultraviolet sanitizer lamp and Infrared thermometer gun.

Optics was there on earth before humans were born, in the form of ozone which makes favorable conditions for humans in its shadow. Every day at dawn and at dusk we see the wonderful beauty of nature that never stultify us.

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