Nayan Katyal

“But optics sharp it needs, I ween to see what is not to be seen.”

– John Trumbell

The realm of Physics that explores the interaction of matter with the electromagnetic radiation and garners information about these interactions also known as the Science of light also known as the study of sight also known as Optics.

The universe has been ranging over the brawn and exceptional properties of light which are being used to keep a tab on the environment and who would have known – to solve crimes. Yes, by the magnifying glass, a convex lens that portrays a virtual image on the retina, which is greater than the real image. Eyes themselves are a window to this colorful world. They are the first means of sight that helps us perceive 80% of the impressions.

Have you ever seen a black and white geometrical design which looks like it’s drowning you inside of it. You seem to just keep falling deeper and deeper into it. That’s right! I’m talking about illusions, which are misleading and create a perception that doesn’t match the reality seen by the eye.

The telescope which makes the stars, the moon, and all other celestial bodies appear a little closer to us by judging the diameters of the objective, then determining it’s physical size and collecting the light emerging from the entire object, the microscope that helps us tear into the almost indiscernible species by using a binocular view which optimizes the function and intensifies image stability, the photography lens that costs us a fortune, but helps us capture the most alluring eye shots by their wide angles, long focus or the ability to take multiple shots in fractions of second, all entail optics.

In addition to the astounding mirages which bend the light rays because of thermal variations in the refractive index of the air, giving the stranded travelers a ray of hope in the desert, the Fata Morgana effect was like the fairy tale castles, the entities on the horizon appear elevated, the spectacular colors of the sky i.e. blue (in a thicker atmosphere), red(during sunrise or sunset) and other colors which are scattered at different angles create a mesmerizing view at dusk or dawn and none the less the heavenly rainbows due to the internal reflection and refraction in the suspended raindrops are all wonders of the atmospheric optics.

All of this does leave us wondering about the mechanism of these processes.

Ever thought about how the Novaya Zemlya effect takes place and how because of the Ponzo illusion the parallel lines seem to converge as they nudge infinity?

I’ll leave you with your thinking caps on!

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