Prahlad Prajapat

Whenever it comes to science, my interest automatically increases. Optics is an integral part of this beautiful science's unique world. Under optics, we analyze the events related to light. If we look into the window of history, then it seems that there has been a lot of controversy among scientists about light. Some scientists call it a particle, while some scientists believe that light is a wave. Scattering, diffraction, refraction, reflection, and quite a few such phenomena have been mentioned by scientists. These phenomena are explained through different concepts. Some phenomena have been interpreted as the light being particles while in some events light has been considered as a wave. When we talk about the importance of optics of light in daily life, then it does not matter whether the light is a particle or a wave, whereas the importance is how we use the concepts of optics to build a better society. can do. Like scientists - The concept of light was seen about the light. But if we look at it broadly, we can consider it as a source of energy and a store of energy. After using this energy, no residue is harmful to nature. As is well known, the main source of light is the sun, which is an unlimited storehouse of energy. The importance of optics increases so much more when we can build a beautiful and colorful world by establishing an understanding of the concepts of optics. One thing we should never forget is that even though light can be used to supply energy in various fields, but the main challenge before scientists are how we can convert the energy derived from light into different forms of energy. Could be stored Even today we do not have a proper system of transmission of optical energy. Even today we still use fossil fuels to supply most of our energy. If we look at the global problems related to the environment of the present time, then it seems that we should soon establish a new dimension towards solar energy Today it has been 60 years since laser innovation. The innovation of laser has done some work to make our world colorful. Whether it is biology, physics, physics, or chemistry, the invention has given a new dimension to science somewhere. The usefulness of laser in the field of communication is also remarkable. laser communications systems are wireless connections through the atmosphere, the light speed is the fastest than anything can travel, so laser communication and laser sensing are important in mortal defense. laser communications are better than radio Finally, I would like to mention a supernatural phenomenon of optics. That phenomenon is the photoelectric effect. Theoretically, we can say that electrons are emitted when photons of greater than a certain frequency collide on the metallic plate. This causes current to flow into the metal. But on a practical basis, we find that out of a million photons falling on the metal plate, only one photo is capable of emitting electrons. That is why only the micro ampere current is available from the solar plate. There are many problems related to the transmission of solar energy which we can solve by establishing a better understanding of the concepts of optics. Also, Besides, many sensors in electronics are based on the concept of optics. And today many applications in our industry are associated with the concept of optics

somewhere. To create a better society and a beautiful world, it would be better that we give a new direction to research work in the field of optics and work in this direction with speed

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