Pushkar Pandey

Introduction: Optics is the branch of physics which deals with the light and its behaviour with different matters. Symbolically, if the whole science can be subjected as a body, then Optics are eyes to the whole body. Advancement in Optics is making the notion clear just as someone puts spectacles in order to make ones sight clear. Even spectacles are the result of advancement in optics. Optics in everyday Life: Optics helps us understand the phenomenon of light viz. reflection, refraction, scattering, etc. We encounter all these properties of light occurring before us. The mirror which we use daily in order to see ourselves is an extraordinary example of Reflection of Light. When the beam of light falls on the surface of the mirror which is polished from the back, it gets reflected and hence the image of the object is seen. When we go further to spherical mirrors, it gives myriad applications in everyday life. Convex mirror used in vehicles and street lamps and concave mirror used by the dentists and headlights of vehicles are some of the very commonly used application of optics due to reflection of light. The study of optics has also enriched us to understand the eye defects and have successfully got solutions and cure to it. Optics and Technology: Apart from these daily uses, optics has advanced our technology as well. Optical fibre which is based on the phenomenon of total internal reflection of light has revolutionised the telecom communication as well as medical department. It has advanced the whole healthcare system such as laparoscopic surgery, endoscopy which has not just reduced the time constraint but also reduced the risk of losing life. Optics has even facilitated other branches of science. In chemistry, spectroscopy is often used to identify chemical compounds. Spectroscopy finds its origin with the study of visible light. Similarly, Biophotonics is one of the leading branches of optics which is used for treatment and to analyse biological processes. As a whole, Optics has become an indispensable instrument for all physical sciences.


Optics has provided us with a vision to see the whole world in a completely different way. It has given us a sense to understand the colourful world full of strange and interesting features.

Philosophically, Light is often considered as a sign of hope whereas in true sense also it has shown us a path to explore every possible dimension. It has made our life so easy and advanced that we can’t even think of our life without optics. We have manifold layers of optics yet to reveal in the upcoming future. I strongly believe that we shall be creating our future bright and colourful with the use of Light.

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