Stuti Thakur

What is optics? At a very young age, we are taught that humans have five senses- sight, taste, touch, smell, and hearing. At that time we just try to cram them up but now when we look back, we find greater and deeper meanings to it. So here we see optics, it just revolves around the study one of these five senses that is, sight, generally studied along with the various phenomena of light. It will not be wrong to say that we are living in an optically illustrated world. We have various examples of this around us that are usually left unnoticed. The Human Eye Quite literally and obviously, the human eye is the most important real-life application of optics. The process involves light entering our eyes through the pupil, getting converged by the lens onto the retina, and then the passing of signals through the optical nerves to the brain. This is, no doubt the first and one of the most creative optical inventions by the almighty. Mirror Mirror on the Wall! Have you ever looked at the mirror and wondered how did god ended up creating you? Just perfect!!! No? Then my friend you should definitely wonder about this beautiful phenomenon that you can see your reflected self so easily. Weak Eyes? Got weak eyes? Oh, you have lens for the rescue! Now no more peeling into your friend's notebook because you cannot figure out what the teacher has written on the board, specs got you! Right? The Blue Sky

The sky was quite sunny and blue! But I would like the sky to be a little pink. What do you say? But sadly the molecules in the air scatter blue light from the sun more than they scatter the red light. So therefore we have- a beautiful blue sky. Rainbows!!! Have you ever danced to the beats of 'All things bright and beautiful'? It was so much fun when we were a little younger. The rainbows that color our hearts are again a magnificent example of optical illusion. A tint of sunlight on passing from a water droplet, bends, scatters, reflects and creates magic. My Mother's Ring I am often found fantasizing about that bright sparkly diamond ring placed on my mother's finger. That shinny little piece is so, so expensive that even TIR (Total Internal Reflection) would be shocked at what it had done. Optical Instruments Having a scientific brain is not easy okay! All that goes in that mind is research and facts. To help these minds with a better practical education, there are a wide variety of optical instruments. Ranging from the telescopes to see the ginormous stars to the microscopes to study the minuscule fragment of DNA. Photography Do you love capturing the moments and keeping them as memories? Then all you need is a perfectly powered camera lens. Happy capturing! *Optics has got your back in almost everything around you. From waking up to see the beautiful world through your eyes to capture it with a camera. From the magical rainbows to the wonderful sky. Also, from the sparkly diamonds to the shinning young minds.

Optics has revolved around our lives from the very beginning. Using laser toys to acting like detectives using binoculars and magnifying glasses, we too have evolved a lot. Yet in these simple little ways that we look back to today, there is a warmth in the touch of nostalgia and some optimistic promises for the future.

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