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Paul Cezanne once quoted, “Optics, developing in us through study, teaches us to see.”

It essentially does. The word see, however, does not limit to the act of viewing. The gist of the statement is multi-fold, which we shall discover in this article.

Before we delve into the significance that optics holds in our life, Let’s understand what do we mean by optics.

Optics is the branch of science that deals with the behaviour and properties of light, along with the study of how light interacts with matter.

In layman’s language, you can call it ‘The Science of Light’.

Passing your X grade board examination with Light as a massive chapter was definitely a tedious task to do, and constantly made you question as to why do we study this? Would this ever help us in our lifetime?

Well, It certainly would. Turn around and you’ll find yourself encircled in the optical world. From aiding the functioning of one of our five senses, that enables us to see to playing an integral role in the functioning of the mobile phones we’re using currently, Optics is of great significance in our day-to-day lives.

What are the major applications of Optics in everyday life?


When questioned about the most beautiful thing in our lives, the answer has to be our Eyes! A Human Eye works on the principles of Optics. So the very fact that we are able to see this world and its people, we owe it to Optics.

Optical principles also enable us to explain defects in vision and aid in restoring the vision with the help of glasses or contact lenses.


Miles apart yet connected at hearts, All thanks to the Internet for making this possible.

Ever wondered as to how internet and modern telephony are able to connect us to our loved ones even when they are thousands of kilometers away? Well, this is the power of Optics.

Optical Communication delivers as the spine to the working of the Internet and telephony, which help us in connecting us to various people across the nations and teach us to see the world through their perspective as well!


Optics is requisite in the working of various consumer goods and a great example being a Camera!

A Camera seems to be the most innovative invention ever, for not only does it helps us in capturing a moment rather delivers smiles every time when we relive those memories that we captured. It beautifies the scars and enables us to see and discover the good in everything.

Both physical and geometrical optics contribute in the functioning of a camera such as its maximum resolution capability.


A Rainbow bridges the gaps in the sky and promises to bring sunshine to your life, but ever pondered as to where do these emerge from?

Thank the unique optical properties of our atmosphere which are responsible for the formation of a breathtaking phenomenon, an example being a Rainbow.

The principles of internal reflection and dispersive refraction of light in little raindrops give rise to this beautiful phenomenon.


Instruments like these are based upon optical technologies, and enable you to see distant objects.

Remember visiting hills and crying out loud for not being able to distinguish far away things? That is exactly when Binoculars came to our help.

A Telescope, on the other hand, gives us the incentive to explore the entire universe and is of great use for the astronomers. Invented in the late 16th century, it focusses on the collection of light and the size of the objective lens is used to determine it.

Therefore, it is justified to believe that Optics surrounds us in entirety and is of great significance in our lives.

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